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United Way of Greater High Point is proud to introduce its latest initiative, "Mindfulness Matters," aimed at promoting mental wellness among local youth. This innovative initiative is set to kick off with wellness workshops provided by local the organization re: generations, as well as collaborations alongside the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of High Point and Family Service of the Piedmont.   

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Jane Liebscher, President of the United Way, expressed her profound gratitude to Bank of America for their generous funding that has made "Mindfulness Matters" a reality. She emphasized that it is the collaborative vision of the United Way of Greater High Point and esteemed corporate partners like Bank of America that enables the delivery of crucial initiatives to our community.

The "Mindfulness Matters" initiative is designed to equip young minds with essential tools to navigate life's challenges while nurturing their mental well-being. It will focus on mindfulness practices that enhance physical, mental, and emotional health, ultimately fostering healthier, happier young individuals. Classes will be offered to youth, parents, youth caregivers and youth development professionals.

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Investing in the mental well-being of youth today is an investment in a healthier, brighter future for our community.

"It solidifies our commitment to ensuring that every young person in our community has the resources and support they need to thrive."

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