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Ways to participate

Food items donated via Amazon can be directly shipped to UWGHP

  • To donate via Amazon, you will need an active Amazon account. 

  • By clicking the link above and signing in to your account, you will be taken directly to the UWGHP CANpaign Food Drive link. 

  • This page will have the main categories of Food Pantry Wishlist Items and you can choose what you would like to order from any category listed.  

  • After placing your order, go to your Amazon cart and complete the payment transaction and shipping method.

  • You can have your CANpaign food items shipped directly to UWGHP:

United Way of Greater High Point

815 Phillips Avenue

High Point, NC 27262

  • Through your Amazon account, you can track you package for ensured delivery.

  • Also through your Amazon account, you can print your invoice for year-end tax donation records.

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Please consider designating UWGHP as your charity of choice for all Amazon purchases.  Add smile.amazon.com as a bookmark to ensure UWGHP is designated each time you shop.

Use the 'Food Pantry Wishlist' below and order online from your local grocery store.   

Online orders through grocers with delivery service can be sent directly to UWGHP


Jane Liebscher, jane.liebscher@unitedwayhp.org

items To Donate

Food Pantry Wishlist

Non-perishable food items for donation include:

  • canned meats

  • canned soup

  • canned or dried beans

  • canned vegetables

  • canned fruits

  • peanut Butter

  • rice and Rice Meals

  • pasta and Pasta Meals

  • cereals

  • shelf stable milk

  • juice

For more items and a printable list, click here.

Delivering Groceries

Our goal: To collect non-perishable food items to help restock our

local food pantries in support of residents in need.  

In past years, the Greater High Point community has held many large food drives such as The Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger campaign and a multitude workplace giving food drive campaigns to help restock local pantries.  With the onset of the Coronavirus, many of these food drives - that would have taken place in the spring and early summer - were cancelled due to COVID-19 health and safety issues.  This has made a detrimental impact on local families and food pantry resources. 

UWGHP stands ready to assist the most vulnerable in our community, those living paycheck to paycheck and those struggling to make ends meet. It’s imperative we act now to provide immediate assistance to our neighbors in need and help make a difference during this trying time.

Review a full list of local food pantries receiving food donation assistance through the UWGHP CANpaign Food Drive here.

Canpaign Toolkit

Does your workplace want to create a “CANpaign Food Drive Challenge”?

Here are a few ways to track online donations in the spirit of friendly competition:

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet for tracking - select a Point of Contact to create a spreadsheet and compile the information.  Employees can email the number of food items they purchased online - or - the dollar amount they donated online.  The POC can input the emailed information onto the spreadsheet for tracking totals.

  • Create a Drop-Box - similar to the suggestion above, select a Point of Contact to create a spreadsheet and compile the information.  Employees can use slips of paper provided to fill in the number of food items they purchased online - or - the dollar amount they donated online, then put those slips of paper in a form of drop-box.  The POC can collect all of the paper slips from the drop box and input the collected information onto a spreadsheet for tracking totals.  

  • Create a Google Doc for tracking - select a Point of Contact to create a Google Doc and compile the information.  The POC will need to have a Google account to create a Google Doc.  To learn how to create a Google Doc, click here.  Employees can then use the link provided by the POC to fill out their individual Google Doc form with number of food items they purchased online - or - the dollar amount they donated.  Through Google Docs, the POC can easily convert the responses into statistical data for tracking totals.