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UWGHP Finance Department: Meet Our Team!

Together, Ellen, Shelisha, and Betsy form a dedicated finance team at United Way of Greater High Point. Their expertise, coordination, and commitment keep our financial operations running seamlessly, supporting our mission to make a difference in our community.

Betsy Lowder

Chief Financial Officer

At the helm of our financial ship is Betsy. As CFO, she directs the entire financial system, from budgeting to auditing, ensuring every financial aspect runs like clockwork. Betsy takes charge of investments, cash flow control, and all matters of financial governance. Her responsibility extends to physical assets, quality review, and even IT management. With her strategic guidance, our financial path is clear and prosperous.

Ellen Amick

Accounting Manager

Ellen is the mastermind behind our financial operations. With her expertise, she oversees the UPIC Processing team, handling everything from cash receipts to campaign pledge processing. She keeps our financial gears running smoothly, working closely with the CFO and auditors. Ellen's meticulous eye for detail extends to human resources, benefits, IT, and event planning, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Shelisha Prince

Finance and Operations Support Shelisha's role is all about maintaining the gears of our financial machine. From managing vendor relationships to keeping the boardroom schedules on point, she ensures our operations run seamlessly. Shelisha is also the go-to for processing credit card payments, scanning pledge cards, and aiding in audits. Her dedication keeps our financial gears well-oiled.

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